Unique walk through the ancient Scardona, romantic small town where the river Krka meets the Adriatic Sea. Peaceful coasts of Skradin will probably not reveal on the first sight the secret of the city and gastronomic culture which is more than two thousand years old. Skradin is simply magical in every detail.

The first data about the town of Skradin dates from the year 33 B.C.

The surroundings of Skradin have been inhabited since the Neolithic period. The ancient Scardona was an Ilyrian settlement. It was capital of Liburnia, then capital of the Roman Province of Liburnia. During the 10th century, it was one of the fortified towns in Croatia, as the center of the Skradin county. In the late 13th and early 14th centuries, Skradin flourished as the capital of the Šubić bans The Šubić's built the Turina fortress on the hill overlooking the Skradin harbor. They elevated the settlement below the fortress to a free city, at wich point it also become a commune, with its own statute and administration.
Skradin is a city with narrow tiled streets, alleys, arches and stairs, while the whole old town core is a protected cultural monument. One of the peculiarities of Skradin is campanile (bell tower) from 1872. which due to its weight was not built next to the Church, but rather on a cliff 60m away.